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Projector Machine

Smart Overhead Projector Machine W-14

Projector machine W-14 is a portable machine made in India. A very compact and light weight Overhead Projector which can be folded to be kept in a carrying case for easy portability by the owner when they will use it.

The W1-14 is Portable overhead projector machine with specifics features such as Three elements lens system for razor sharp image, Cooling fan with friction less drive motor for quiet operation, and 24V/250W Twin halogen bulbs with in-built lever type lamp changer for interupption free presentation.

These overhead projector has capability to transfer data image and read the file which compatible to his hard coated and scratch resistant Frensel lens A4 size (285mm x 285mm). The Projector machine W-14 has cooling fan with friction less drive motor for quiet operation, Torroidal transformer 220-240V/AC mains.

According to the size, overhead projector W-14 is smart machine to be use by the owner by his clear and clean image result. Overall dimension of Portable overhead projector machine W-14 are : 320mm x 420mm x 125mm & app. Weight of equipment 8.00 Kg.


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