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Projector Machine

Ultra Portable Projector Machine Optoma EP7150

Optoma EP7150 is a brilliant and the brightest multimedia data projector in its weight category. These is one of ultra portable overhead projector that provided with native XGA resolution, 2000 lumens and an Express On/Off function to power the projector on and off in seconds.

The projector machine Optoma EP7150 is a projector that weighs less than three pounds and measuring less than 9-inches in width. Ultra overhead projector with cost about US $1300, it represents great value in price/performance. With his small size designed, Make the Optoma EP7150 easy to carried them in the carrying case, inside another piece of luggage, or in a large laptop case along with your computer.

Optoma EP7150 also called as "Ultra Portable Projector Machine". It is essentially an upgrade of the EP729 - being the ultraportable model in the company's range. The overhead projector Optoma EP7150 packed with remote mouse in laser pointer system to puts you in complete control of your presentations, so they're always professional.

The Optoma EP7150 has full features as ultra-portable and super-bright overhead projector. This Optoma projector machine utilizes ultra-bright Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology to offer the sparkling performance of High-Definition (HD) quality video, and a commanding front-row experience for sports action, movies, business presentations and more. So, It'll transfer and ensures clear, natural pictures from all data and video sources.

Others specification of projector machine Optoma EP7150 are :
  • Features 16.7-million colors at an image brightness of 2,000 ANSI lumens, with an image contrast ratio of 2,500 to 1
  • Provided a security system such as a Kensington security lock, and the ability to be password protected to prevent unauthorized use
  • Able to project clearly from a distance of 3.9 feet, to a distance of 39 feet, with a maximum native resolution 1,024 x 768
  • The Ultra Portable Projector Optoma EP7150 runs on 120/240 volts of AC power, and is ultra-compact measuring only 8.5 x 6.7 x 2.4 inches (WxDxH) and weighing only 2.6 pounds.


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